Compiled by Gerald A.Walls
Arranged by Morrie Craig
Bibliography 5


This bibliography is a revision and extension to1964 of Bibliography of Wood Distillation, 1907-1953 published in 1955.
The term wood distillation is usedrather loosely in the literature, consequently, references mayinclude carbonization, steam distillation, gasification. or modifications ofeach; however, the main purpose was to compile works onwood carbonization and topics relatedprimarily to wood charcoal.

A selected bibliography of North American forestry (1940)


Wood distillation Seite: 684 – 688

Charcoal: Seite 776 – 777


Handbook of Charcoal Making: The Traditional and Industrial Methods

Hardcover, 294 pages
Published February 28th 1985 by Springer
original title: Handbook of Charcoal Making. The Traditional and Industrial Methods (Solar Energy R&D in the European Community, Series E: Volume 7: Energy from Biomass)
ISBN 9027719349 (ISBN13: 9789027719348)
edition language English

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Liste von historischen Dokumenten zur Gaserzeugung aus Feststoffen (englisch, vor 1920, PDF)

wood gas engine

                                         Image: Power Gas Producers, Design and Application, page 19.


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