Lambiotte Retorte
Schema der Lambiotte-Retorte

Die Lambiotte-Retorte wird von Livanu Karbons in Lettland eingesetzt, Lizenzgeber ist Baltcarbon in Riga, die selbst Anlagen zur Produktion von Holzkohle betreibt.

Als Vorteile werden genannt:

  • Kontinuerliche Arbeitsweise
  • Hohe Ausbeute
  • Gleichmäßige und kontrollierte Qualität
  • Nutzung der Abwärme


A distinctive feature of the LAMBIOTTE technology is that the heat needed for running pyrolysis process is generated inside the retort through combustion of pyrolytic vapours mixed with atmospheric oxygen. Ambient air is fed into the reaction zone in amounts that guarantee the absence of free oxygen in the products of incomplete combustion thus avoiding heterogeneous reactions.

The process is fully automated. The control software is provided with real-time interactive control and regulation system.

The LAMBIOTTE process is distinguished by the fact that only the pyroligneous vapours are used as a fuel for pyrolysis process, making additional input of wood or charcoal unnecessary. Thus charcoal yield is 2 to 5 times higher than that of the traditional processes.

In the LAMBIOTTE process, the charcoal is cooled by ‘cold’ gas circulation. The charcoal is unloaded from the retort at ambient temperature, thus minimizing the risks of auto-ignition. The product has superior quality, complete purity and high consistency and very high carbon content.

The CISR retort is entirely heat-insulated, thus avoiding the condensation of corrosive liquids and ensuring long life of the installation.

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